Healing in the Time of Corona

Dear Friends,

We are living in an unprecendented time in history. Our lives have been upended in a blink of an eye and what we consider to be “normal” life may be placed on hold temporarily.The simple act of meeting your friend for lunch or gathering with loved ones in celebration are now considered luxuries of life. While COVID infiltrates our lives, we are asked to take a PAUSE..perhaps a long one. As crazy as it may sound, I invite you to think about the possibility that this virus may be a blessing in a nasty disguise. With every disease lies within it its cure, which may not always be obvious at first.

This is a time we can dive deep into reflection about what we as humans have created for ourselves, how we have abused our precious planet, and how we plan to operate moving forward. Our very structures are crumbling beneath us, forcing us to question our purpose for living, how we connect and communicate with each other, and with Nature. This virus doesn’t discriminate against the rich, poor, wealthy or famous, tall, short, color skin, religion or any external characteristic. Then why do we? It is as though Nature grounded us and told us to go to our rooms to think long and deeply about what we’ve done and how we can make amends.

As far as health is concerned, it is not just our physical health that matters, but that of our spirit, mind, consciousness and the planet. The problem is not “over there, somewhere far away” from our reality. In fact, this virus is here to show us how connected we are, no human is exempt from its lesson. Yes, some may suffer more, some less, but it is affecting all of us in some way.
We are more concerned about our health than ever, but self-care and wellbeing is something that is paramount every day, pandemic or not. While there is a treasure trove of information on disease prevention, I want to share with you some practices that may help you through this time. These are simply my suggestions. Always speak with your healthcare practitioner before taking or trying anything.

*Sleep: Adequate, deep and restful sleep does wonders for our immune support. If possible try to maintain a schedule to help your body develop a routine. I personally try to follow a 10PM-7AM schedule.

*Nutrition: While feeding your body nourishing foods is essential for wellbeing now is a good time especially to develop sustainable habits. Focus on real, whole foods as much as possible-beans, legumes, plant foods, vegetables, whole grains, healthful fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, high quality meats (not factory-farmed), seafood (sustainable if possible), pasture-raised organic eggs. Foods rich in vitamin C, zinc, adequate vitamin D (essential for immune function), ginger, garlic (caution with garlic if already ill as it may overstimulate immune function). Please avoid added sugar as it weakens the immune system. I personally don’t consume too much sweet fruit or dried fruit. If I do have some I go for berries (fresh or frozen). Highly processed foods are never a good idea either.

*Hydration: Make sure to drink adequate water, herbal teas, broths and limit caffeine, alcohol and sugary beverages. I chop some fresh ginger and some fresh lemon juice to boiling water and sip on it throughout the day, which is very soothing and warming.

*Mindfulness Practices: This can be anything that provides a healthy state of calm for your nervous system and mind, such as breathing techniques (I practice Wym Hoff), meditation, yoga, journaling, etc.

*Pleasurable Movement: Not only does movement boost our physical health it helps the body produce endorphins, natural “happy chemicals” that boost our mood. There are plenty indoor activities you can try and multiple apps, youtube videos and virtual classes available. The body holds on to stress and trauma so movement is very healing and can therapeutic in any way that feels comfortable for you.

*Connect with friends and loved ones: If you haven’t called that friend or family member you’ve been wanting to, now is the time to do so. Attend virtual parties, gatherings and more FaceTime to stay connected.

It’s OK to just BE and take each day as it comes, each moment as it comes and breathe through it. We are in this together and will be OK together. I can see the silver lining..can you?

Wishing you Abundant Health and Happy & Healthy Cravings 🙂