Celebrating Spring: 3 Tips for a Fresh Start

Happy Spring friends! This time of year always excites me as we feel the rebirth around us and within ourselves. While New York is a city that never sleeps, there is something special about seeing Mother Nature’s lush florals and greens blossom all over the concrete jungle. I love the fragrance in the air and feeling of new beginnings. With that said, here are some ways you can get into the spirit of the new season.

Pantry Makeover
Are those dust bunnies dancing all over your spice rack? What about that mystery container in the back of your fridge? This Spring make it a point to remove any expired items in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. If you have leftovers that have been sitting for over 3-4 days then it may be time to part ways. Make sure to start labeling your food containers with dates to ensure freshness and prevent any possibility of food borne illness. If you find spoiled fruit or wilted greens that can no longer be salvaged, start using composte or look for one in your neighborhood. Eat at least one serving of greens and fruit to make sure you are getting your daily antioxidant fix! Remember to check your freezer for items that you may no longer chose to use and remind yourself of the treasures that still may be edible. Check your kitchen cabinets for any canned or packaged foods that are still good to use as well. If that lonely can of chick peas needs a home, you can always donate it, along with other items that are good to date. Make a commitment to only purchase foods you will consume in the immediate or near future. Choose whole, organic foods whenever possible and limit exposure to pesticides, food additives, and preservatives.

Closet Zen
It’s time to ditch sweater season (yay!). Create more order and zen in your life by organizing your closets. Start by making a “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” pile. If you haven’t worn an item for over a year, it’s time to say ciao. Whether it be shoes, jewelry, or any other clothes, why not donate the “no” pile? You and your closet will both feel lighter. Consigning clothes is another option because one person’s trash is another one’s treasure after all. You may also chose to have a fun clothing swap with friends to trade old clothes, shoes, and accessories for new items.

Breathe of Fresh Air
If the winter has left you longing for some fresh air, make your home a botanical garden! Plants provide much needed oxygen and aesthetics to your home that can boost your energy and health. Certain plants like orchids, succulents, and bromeliads can absorb carbon dioxide, while releasing oxygen into your home. When plants are placed together, they can also increase the humidity of a room, thereby alleviating any possible respiratory issues like dry coughs, or sore throats. You don’t need to have a greenhouse so just one or two new plants may be enough to lighten up your living space to keep you breathing better. Some other plants you can try, that are fairly easy to care for include: spider plants, Boston ferns, snake plants,English ivy, and Chinese evergreen. Happy Spring planting!

Happy & Healthy Cravings! 🙂