Good Idea Drinks: Swedish Sugar Buster!

As a dietitian I see multiple patients and clients with pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and other chronic inflammatory conditions. Obesity and diabetes is so prevalent in the US that we created a word to describe these two pandemics “diabesity.” We all know that what eat or don’t eat can significantly impact our health. This is why I am such a proponent of the food as medicine model. For some of us living a healthy lifestyle comes easily, yet for others it is extremely challenging. Breaking certain dietary and lifestyle habits, especially after years is one of the most difficult things to do. The number one food addiction I come across is sugar, such as soda. The US has become a sweet nation overflowing with sugary snacks and drinks, which is why I’m so excited to share with you Good Idea Drinks!

With a passion for health and wellness Swedish food and nutrition scientist Elin Ostman and CEO Bjorn Oste, of Oatly (yummy oat-based milk-alternative beverage) co-founded Good Idea Drinks because they wanted to find a way to help prevent disease and increase longevity. After 20 years of clinical research, scientists found a way to combine 5 amino acids and chromium picolinate that work synergistically to reduce blood sugar spikes after a carb-rich meal. The idea is simple, drink some before you start your meal and some during to help prevent post-meal slump and possibly give you a boost in energy. Now this is not an excuse to eat all the carbs you want and in no way replaces a healthy dietary and lifestyle. I feel however it is a great way to wean yourself from sweetened juices, soda, and sweetened energy drinks. The product contains zero sweeteners (yay!) and comes in 3 flavors: Dragonfruit, Mango-Orange, Lemon-Lime. I of course had to try it for myself and am happy to report it is delicious! I also read all of the scientific research so I can say this product is legitimate and is not some fad diet beverage. Independent studies have been conducted in Sweden, Germany, Canada and the US, which demonstrate its efficacy. But don’t take my word for it, try some for yourself. If you like sparkling beverages but also want the added benefits of healthy blood glucose levels and reduced inflammation then I think this is a really Good Idea !
For more information on how you can start enjoying this tasty and healthy beverage check out: Good Idea Drinks
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Happy & Healthy Cravings! 🙂