New Year Intentions

Happy New Year Friends!

I hope you are having a magical and inspired start to 2019. As we turn a new page and begin to write the story we envision for ourselves this coming year I would like to focus on the idea of intentions versus resolutions. We often set resolutions for ourselves that usually dissolve (I speak for myself) into the ether and then wonder whatever happened to all those ideas and visions we had at the start of the year? This is where I would like to focus on the idea of setting intentions rather than resolutions and notice what a huge difference words can make. Our reality is created by our perception and the vocabulary we choose often contributes to that reality and behavior. Allow me to dive deeper here.

The word “resolutions” carries a heavy energy and pressure when we use it within the context of setting New Year resolutions. It’s almost as if we have this idea carved in stone that we will achieve something no matter what happens; come hell or high water. If for example, we want to lose 10 pounds, read 50 books or meditate daily that is totally cool but how do we Feel about our resolutions? Do we carry fear, judgment and anxiety around the idea that we must be perfect in achieving our goals? if we happen to eat a pint of ice cream when we swore off sugar do we beat ourselves up and throw in the towel?

This is where I invite us to set intentions with some wiggle room if you will. First and foremost let’s ask ourselves why we want to set intentions and create a clear vision. Perhaps then we can take more inspired action born out of curiosity, excitement and self-compassion. What is our consciousness behind our intentions and how can we place more focus on enjoying the process, rather than only the destination? Of course, you can still do the same with resolutions, but I prefer to use intentions because they soften the sharp edges a bit and invite us to check in with ourselves.

One of the strategies I like to implement with myself and my patients is to set SMART goals that are measurable and practical. This can be applied to daily and weekly practices to help us through our journey so we can take inspired action, rather than doing something out of fear and anxiety. Journaling is another practice I enjoy that helps transfer our thoughts onto paper so we can see more clearly into ourselves. If however, we don’t always stick to our plans when life throws curve balls our way, can we forgive ourselves and resume when we are ready? Can we say “it’s OK, I wanted to take that dance class but I didn’t. I will make a plan to go next time.” If you find it difficult to take inspired action however, I suggest having someone who can hold you accountable and help you through the journey because let’s face it, we all need some support.

I invite you to step, jump or dance into the new year with intentions that fill your cup with joy, inspiration and fun! Discipline is great but please remember to treat yourself kindly as you go through this human experience. Wishing you and yours much magic and joy!

Happy & Healthy Cravings! 🙂

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