Breaking Bread

I recently hosted an intimate Shabbat gathering that left me feeling lit up. In a world that seems more chaotic and disconnected, building community and feeling like you are part of a tribe of people with shared values is paramount. Humans are social creatures and while independence is highly valued, there is something to be said for interdependence. John Donne’s brilliant words bring home this message loud and clear-“no man is an island entire of himself.” When you bring like-minded souls together to break bread around nourishing meals, amazing conversation and great vibes, only one thing can happen-Magic!
For me Shabbat is about unplugging from the hectic week, getting offline and getting in line with each other, real time. We are gifted with a unique energy that allows us to tap into the majesty and presence of the moment, while connecting with our ancestors, ancient rituals and traditions. Often known as the “Queen,” Shabbat welcomes the Divine Feminine and celebrates the beauty and joy that abounds. We welcome her with joyous songs, blessings on wine and challah as we prepare to feast.
Speaking of can’t think of Shabbat without the abundance of sustenance. I love to welcome guests as I play in the kitchen, preparing a meal that will not only nourish, but please belly and soul. Making a meal for another is saying “I love you” as you infuse your energy in each morsel. With each bite the pleasure and love expand, while laughter creates a symphony of joy.

We are in the heart of holiday season. I hope you are inspired to gather your own tribe to break bread, connect and share in the love of nourishment, delicious food and community. Make sure to give plenty of hugs to new and old friends and remember that we are in this grand, human experience together.

Happy & Healthy Cravings! 🙂

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